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Is legit? I’d say so. As a matter of fact it’s reasonably priced and has more than a 10 year track record of working with Asian cam girls and affiliates as well as operating without any major notable issues. This Asian sex chat site also offers more authentic Asian chat experiences than other adult webcam sites because they actually use real Asian cam girls. Find girls on webcams from the Philippines, Japan, and even a few from Thailand here. The majority though are Filipino cam girls.

So let me share my experiences talking to Asian girls naked on webcams at, which as the same insinuates offer Asian girls on live cams. site features: offered the typical functions of most Asian sex cams sites so no complaints there. The 4 most popular functions in our opinion were those we noted below.

  • The ability to save models in a favorites area: Keeping track of the best Asian cam girls is a tough task and the so it’s nice when you can simply have the ability to mark those models you want to chat with later. This cam site was great at giving us that ability.
  • Zooming features to get a closer look at the model during the shows: Again we give high marks for the ability to get close-in and you know, perv out in live shows and this Asian cam site delivered in that way as well.
  • Ability to add profiles for yourself: Unfortunately there is not much a community feel here, it’s more like an Asian brothel; just a wham, bam, thank you maam. You cannot open a profile per say and impress the ladies with you expenditures.
  • Billing method of Live Asian Webcams. So this Asian cam site has the stock options of Netbilling and EPOCH which pretty much means you’re not going to have any problem getting them money to you can use the site. Also realize these are 3rd party billers and they do know you do not want, “I just jacked off to a 19-year-old Filipina” to appear on your credit card statement. What we mean is they cloak the name of the charges so it looks just like you have a general banking transaction. You can fly under the radar and partake in all the Asian live sex chat you like and never have to worry about getting an odd stare from the teller; or god forbid your wife.

Live show costs at Live Asian Webcams

We landed at 2.80 per minute after using Asian live sex cams with 5 different Filipina cam girls and wow was it ever worth it. Seriously, though, it’s cheaper than phone sex and a cheeseburger after.

Our mobile experience:

Look I am not going to lie, LiveAsianWebcams sucked on my iPhone. I had to use LiveSexAsian (reviews at that link), which I thought was way better for jacking it to teen Asian cam girls during office lunch hour. Stop judging; you know you do it too. (For the record YES OF COURSE they are all over 18 and totally legal.)


Liveasianwebcam Load Time
Liveasianwebcam Load Time


Screenshots of Live Asian Webcams a review of this live Asian webcams site.

Sites like Live Asian Webcams

Frankly the best thing to do is read our Asian cam site reviews and look at the comparison chart. The co-brand from the same company is SakuraLive (review at that link) which explains how they have so many real Japanese sex cam shows here.

The overall Live Asian Webcams value ranking:

We had to leave this site off the list of the Top Asian Sex Cam Sites, because the responsiveness was just not there but it’s still a fun Asian cams chat site.

Final reviews summary & conclusion:

I really loved the clean less clunky interface of Live Asian Webcams, the lack of boxes if you will around the Asian girls in chat makes it seem a lot like Streamate (reviews at that link) but with all Asian cam girls. With a similar cost and way, way more authentic; as in really girls that live all over Asia and you have a super hot Asian live sex chat experience here.


You may also want to check out our Asian Webcam Sites Blog to learn more about using these types of sites plus updates and additional insights into our own experiences. All models appearing on this site are over the age of 18.



Asian Cam Models Reviews

How does Asian Cam Models Compare?

Is safe or a scam? Discover the full details about this Asian live webcam site in our review here. We tried out and tested over 50 Asian sex cam sites to compile a database of real user experiences. Our findings for each site are shared on the comparison table. This particular site is called asiancammodels., where did it land in our reviews? FIND OUT HERE..., where did it land in our reviews? FIND OUT HERE…

Asian cam models site features: has none of the standard features you can expect to find on Asian webcam sites, so it is more of a bare-bones site. Considering it’s more a smaller novelty Asian cam sites that is to be expected. That being said the models online are listed on the home page and you can skip to the next model to choose one.

  • The default chat box is a bit out-dated and feels like an early 1990’s webcam chat experience. It may sound like this is a negative review but it’s not; we actually really like this Asian sex chat site and use if ourselves. Theirs a great selection of truly local Asian girls naked masturbating on cams here and that is what most of us are after. I mean right? It’s just an older Asian adult webcams site.
  • Zooming is possible but again it’s a bit pre-historic. Who cares though really as you can see as much as you want on cam.
  • No personal profiles, free Asian webcam shows, or real way to save past models show without checking into your account. What I mean to say is there are extra steps involved.
  • Billing method of was epoch which means any credit card works. It is a credit based payment system so you must calculate the price per minute as we did on your own to see what you are really spending here.

Live show costs at Asian cam models

Part of our reviews was, of course, comparing the costs and prices for Asian webcam sites. It’s not always as direct as one would hope to compare costs as you must divide the minutes from the packages which are not a perfect science due to the fact that the models do charge different rates. Likewise, other sites employ credits where the same exercise must be done to get to the true costs of shows at All things considered, the show prices we came to based on our experience using this site were $ 3.55 per minute, which was a bit high. Your experience may be different based on the Asian internet models you choose to get live shows with. I should also mention that on our deals page we showcase frequent introductory offers and special deals on Asian cam sites.   <a< span=””> class=”thirstylink” href=”” target=”_blank” rel=”nofollow noopener”>visit-website

Our Asian cam models mobile experience:

Mobile webcam chat is increasing in popularity and so in our reviews, we </a<> paid VERY CLOSE ATTENTION TO THE EXPERIENCES WE HAD ON MOBILE DEVICES. Asian cam models performed well on both phones and tablets but not the best. It actually came in lower when compared to sites like (Full reviews on Streamate here)


Asiancammodels Loadtime
Asiancammodels Loadtime

Screenshots of

What you see when you enter
What you see when you enter Graphics are a bit rough at this site as you can see here.

Sites like

The sites in our Asian live webcam reviews are all distinct sites. While in some cases their maybe white label Asian webcam sites from the same platform, we chose to include because it is either a dedicated platform with no other sites like or it is a co-branded site that fits in with what people are looking for in the Asian live webcams niche. I would suggest checking the rankings comparison table if you enjoyed AsianCamModels but want to find another similar site. (Please note that the table is linked below and also can be found on the main site navigation)

The overall value ranking:

When we compared prices and costs for AsianCamModels versus other sites we determined that it was a reasonable value as far as what you get in return for the costs of the services provided.

Becoming a model on & Affiliate Program info:

Since our readers are in some cases business we also share the Asian webcam affiliate programs for each site we offer a review of. Likewise, for those looking for the specific details on how to model on these sites we also share that information. As far as the affiliate program, you can register and get details for that here. (It is operated by DTI cash). Likewise, I can also suggest the Asian webcam affiliate program resources page here. Information for Asian internet models appearing on are shared on our Asian webcam models resources page here. (READER NOTE: In certain cases we may suggest different programs for the same purpose(s), where that applies you will see a *symbol next to the link)

Is a scam? was not a scam and in fact, this site gets tens of thousands of pages views per day and has thousands of regular users. While there are always some bad experiences to be found on the web regarding virtually every website in this area of entertainment, oftentimes competing sites will throw each other under the bus with negative reviews. Our focus is to share an impartial look at just the most secure and safe Asian webcam sites. After testing and trying this site we ranked in our list of the top 10 Asian live webcam sites. Find out in the comparison table why and see all of the best Live Asian webcam sites side-by-side.

Final reviews summary & conclusion:

We found to be a solid experience overall, thereby placing it in our list of the best overall user experiences with a good selection and reasonable prices as well. That resulted in this Asian live webcam site landing in the top 10 of our Asian webcam site reviews. Specifically, the following things stood out during our time using

Pros: / Things that stood out were: pricing was very fair but did not come in in the top 5. $3.55 is still cheap for a per minute cost for live Asian webcams. Many will appreciate the fact that the site has no white women and no men, just Asian women.

Cons: / Things we didn’t like were: design was lacking and load times were a bit slow but I still loved the selection of real Filipino sex cams and there were also Japanese girls naked on cam here too! That being said it’s still a great, functional site with a good reputation.

Visit below…


You may also want to check out our Asian Webcam Sites Blog to learn more about using these types of sites plus updates and additional insights into our own experiences. All models appearing on this site are over the age of 18.



Demystifying the world of Asian Webcam Sites!

American live webcam sites are about as blatant and clear as day. They are fairly straight forward and just say what’s up. However, when it comes to the various Asian adult webcam sites there is REALLY a lot to learn, lots to experience, and dozens of niche Asian sex cam sites. It’s takes more than a weekend to figure out what’s really going on in this realm.

Asian Webcam Reviews Goal?

Asian Webcam Reviews ( has set out to share our experiences in all facets of the Asian webcam site space.

How do Asian live webcam sites compare? Which sites are shady? ...And where can I have a little safe fun?
How do Asian live webcam sites compare? Which sites are shady? …And where can I have a little safe fun?

Most of all, from the consumer or end-user standpoint we hope to illuminate our readers on the in’s and out of which Asian webcam sites are secure and safe, and which are dicey and may lead to unforeseen issues or surprises on one’s bank statements. We’ll be doing our best to point out any Asian webcam scams and we’ll simultaneously share our top picks as far as the best Asian webcam site from the angle of total user experience. Costs, security, transparency, it’s these issues that concern us.

All About Asian Video Chat Sites

For now we have set up some basic resources on other aspects of the Asian webcams business. There are featured below. Next up though we will bring you along on a ride through the world of Asian webcam sites. You’ll learn as we do about the twists and turns of using Asian live webcam sites; one site at a time!

Asian Cam Site Reviews

Also, so as not to leave you without any suggestions for now I will leave you with the current favorite Asian webcams site. I should add that the models are not just Asian women but mixed with all nationalities. The site is safe and totally secure. I have been using this site off and on for more than 3 years without so much as a single issue.