As a webmaster resource for other people looking to share top Asian webcam sites on their blogs, tube sites, or other internet web sites we are sharing the Best Asian Webcam Affiliate Programs.

Stunning Asian women make affiliate marketers size-able profits.
Stunning Asian women make affiliate marketers size-able profits.

How do I know they are the best Asian webcam affiliate programs you ask? Well considering I write about Asian webcam sites and have thousands of readers who read my Asian webcam site reviews I can tell you with 100% certainty which Asian cam sites convert the best and typically they are the sites that offer the best user experience. Really what the customer experiences transcends into conversion.

Selection and user experience tend to lead to how often users come back.
Selection, creativity of models, and the overall user experience tend to lead to how often users come back.

Therefore, we share the best sites for consumers. In turn if you share these sites you will also have happier users and can feel the best about your referrals. 

When it comes to being adult webmaster looking to make money from Asian girls porn the best options are live Asian webcams because these programs pay the webmasters an ongoing portion of payment which is based on a percentage of each user who registers under your affiliate code. There are many chat cams sites that claim to be all about Asians but their just trying to exploit keywords. The two primary Asian girls porn cams sites are LiveSexAsian and SakuraLive. These programs have affiliate programs and we also took the time to link to the actual Asian cam girls affiliates programs below.

Word to the wise, stick with these two proven industry leaders as people will find tons of Asian cam girls when your traffic lands on these two sites and because these are good professionally run websites the users tend to stick around as more often than not they see value in the service offered as far as a legit place to talk to Asian girls nude on live cams.

2 BEST Asian Webcam Affiliate Programs.

    1. AWE which has the LiveJasmin Affiliate program and the affiliate program is here. (They are the largest!)
    2. DTI which has SakuraLive affiliate Program and a few other Asian cam sites is here. (This is very niche and has smaller selection and slower load times that does affect long term conversions). I have included this one as a last option. The two top Asian affiliate programs for webcams are above.